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Couperose Do´s & Don´t´s


Have you ever heard of couperose?

Couperose is a vascular disease in which fine veins are visible through the skin as reddish or bluish. The vascular disease usually only occurs after the age of 30 and is caused, for example, by genetic predisposition, high blood pressure, too much and too long sunbathing or alcohol. You are more likely to be affected if your skin is light and sensitive.

As unpleasant and unpleasant as this is for those affected, there is at least one piece of good news: there are a few things you can do to keep the extent of the problem as low as possible.


1. Avoid coffee, alcohol, nicotine and hot spices

All these habits promote vascular diseases. Smoking in particular constricts the capillaries, the smallest blood vessels. This causes the blood to congest and the veins can burst more quickly. Sauna and sunbathing, as well as other extreme temperatures, can also have harmful effects.


2. Peelings

Care should also be taken with peelings, because sensitive couperose skin does not tolerate mechanical peelings as they stimulate the blood circulation.

Chemical peelings such as fruit acid peelings, on the other hand, are great for your skin every now and then. They remove dead skin cells and tighten the skin. The vessels can also be stabilized.

Friction is generally not good for your skin - so you should also avoid massages.

3. Sun protection

With your sensitive skin, it is important to avoid any possible trigger for redness. This includes suitable sun protection. It should have as high a UV protection factor as possible and also be neither perfumed nor contain essential oils. Then you protect your skin without irritating it.


4. Frozen beauty

Cooling has a very positive effect on your skin, as the cold can constrict the blood vessels in the skin and reduce redness.

Face spray, toner and cream or similar products are best placed in the refrigerator.


5. The right active ingredients

Your skin cannot tolerate everything you might want to apply. Only selected active ingredients are suitable for couperose. It is also important that your care products do not contain perfume, essential oils or active ingredients that promote circulation.


You are usually on the safe side when you choose care products for sensitive skin. They usually contain soothing and anti-inflammatory active ingredients and thus help to prevent redness. Plant extracts such as horse chestnut, lime blossom or oat are also ideal.


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