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About us

RAU Cosmetics is an innovative label which has experienced a rapid growth since its foundation in late 2009.

Our success story started with the idea to offer high quality active ingredient cosmetic products at reasonable prices and thus making them affordable for everyone. The goal of RAU Cosmetics has always been and still is to consciously set itself apart from the superficial advertising and countless mass products in the cosmetics industry. Instead, our goal is to offer high quality products which do not only stand out due to their packaging design, but particularly due to their content; and to create transparency and personality. We are, for example, very happy to provide our customers with a personal treatment plan especially adjusted to the individual needs of their skin on their request.

Our products are free of mineral oils and, to the greatest possible extent, of silicone oils, parabens, PEGs and artificial colorants. They contain clear and high quality ingredients and in addition to this, impress due to their price. All RAU Cosmetics products are developed and produced in Germany and thus correspond to the highest standards of quality. This philosophy was already able to convince many customers in 2009, which reassured us that we were on the right path.

Today, our customers all over the world are able to enjoy more than 80 products. Private customers as well as professional beauticians highly appreciate RAU Cosmetics products and their excellent value for money. Due to the great success of RAU Cosmetics, we have been able to open up branch offices in Switzerland as well as in Italy, and are also being represented by sales partners in various countries.

RAU Cosmetics` aim is to enable every single person to treat his/her skin with first class cosmetic products. As the skin is one of the most important human organs, it needs high quality and efficient care affordable for everyone. In our opinion, regeneration and protection should have top priority in these hectic times, during which a good appearance plays a major role.

As the world is turning faster and faster, it is essential for your overall well-being that you treat yourself and your skin to a refreshing break - it will thank you with a radiant, good and natural impression. We are inviting you to test RAU Cosmetics and to fall in love with our products, too.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us via phone 49 (0)8337 4133001 or via email info@rau-cosmetics.de

We are looking forward to hearing from you!