100 pieces Nytryl gloves black size M
Ideal disposable gloves for treatment with direct customer contact such as removal of skin impurities. MEDICAL PRODUCTS CLASS 1 TYPE OF PROTECTION 3 MATERIAL Nitrile STERILITY The article is not sterile TEXTURE Fingertips are textured INSIDE SURFACE Inner surfaces are powder-free - polymerized TIGHTNESS AQL ≤ 1,5 SHAPE The shape is universal MANCHETTE Cuff is rolled GLOVE LENGTH normal GLOVE THICKNESS Standard gloves SENSITIVE SKIN SUITABILITY yes, the gloves do not contain latex ANTISTATIC the gloves are not antistatic The material nitrile, is produced from organic chemical compounds.Nitrile can compete with natural rubber, because the manufacturing process of this raw material has been modified.Optimal alternative to natural material gloves, nitrile gloves is often called synthetic latex glove.The gloves do not contain latex proteins and have minimal content of vulcanization accelerators (substances that accelerate the solidification of the raw material under the influence of temperature)The minimal content of chemical accelerators significantly reduces the risk of type IV allergies. To check if the gloves fit your hand, please measure the hand width (between thumb and index finger vertically) Size XS: under 80 mm Size S: 70-90 mm Size M: 85-105 mmSize L: 100-120 mm CERTIFICATES AND STANDARDS Regulation (EU) 2017/745 EN 420 EN ISO 374-2 EN 1041 EN 455(1-4) EN ISO 15223-1 EN ISO 374-1 Regulation (EU) 2016/425 EN ISO 374-4 EN ISO 374-5 EN 16523-1 EN ISO 13485:2016